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Smart Contracts Got Smarter
IQ Code is an upcoming smart contract coding tool with AI features specifically tailored for smart contracts.
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Smart Contracts Redefined
A peak into the power of our AI model for smart contracts- IQ Code.
Effortless Solidity and Vyper coding
IQ Code empowers developers to craft secure and efficient smart contracts effortlessly, leveraging AI-powered assistance for enhanced suggestions and guidance in Solidity and Vyper coding.
  • Solidity & Vyper support.
  • Markdown explanations.
  • Explore Code & other tools in the connected ecosystem.
Effortless Solidity and Vyper coding
Deep-dive analysis of smart contracts with IQ Cortex
Our backend application, IQ Cortex, is designed to analyze smart contracts and identify vulnerabilities, currently in-active development, continuously evolving to ensure comprehensive detection and listing of potential security issues.
  • Upload your code, IQ Cortex does the rest.
  • Advanced analysis hunts vulnerabilities in your smart contract.
  • Get a report with fixes for any security weaknesses.
Deep-dive analysis of smart contracts with IQ Cortex
Benchmarking System
Explore our benchmark feature, which includes a dataset of smart contracts alongside vulnerabilities, utilized for scoring models and IQ Cortex to enhance their detection capabilities and iterate for improvements.
  • High Accuracy
  • Future-Proof Security
  • Real-world data.
Benchmarking System
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